Cleaning your house During Covid-19

Let’s be honest: most people do not really enjoy cleaning the house. Of course, some of us enjoy doing it as it’s a way to relax or to wind down after a long week, but during COVID-19 times, most have started to see it as something that is simply an extra task on the list of things to do within the house. We understand your feelings in this situation, so our employees at Maid Solution are more than happy to take this task out of your hands.

However, we also understand that you may prefer taking your time and cleaning your house on your own. So, this week, we are going to share with you the best ways to clean your house during COVID-19. Although a clean house is something, we should all strive for, it’s even more important nowadays with a virus roaming around.

Stop the spread!

The first step in keeping your house clean is to stop any kind of dirt or bacteria from getting in any further once you step past the door. So, adopt a policy that you implement for all family members and guests if you are allowed to have some: all shoes, coats and bags must be left at the door. This small yet critical step will ensure that the dirt, bacteria, or even virus doesn’t make it past the entrance. Make sure to also have a bottle of hand disinfectant close by; of course, washing your hands with soap and water should be the priority right after this, but first disinfecting your hands will make sure that you don’t bring the virus on your doorknobs, for example.

Clean up with a schedule

If you are looking to implement a better routine, what is a better way to do so than with a cleaning schedule? This will also ensure that you don’t forget to clean certain rooms; we’ve all been there. We see the living room floor get progressively dirtier yet still choose to leave it until tomorrow. You’re only human!

Install Disinfection Stations

We know what you’re thinking– stations? In your own house? Yes! Why not put Lysol wipes everywhere throughout the house? This can help you remember to disinfect surfaces more often as we tend to forget unless we have a visual reminder.

Be consistent

The key to keeping your house clean during COVID-19 is to be consistent. As mentioned above, you should aim to follow a schedule. However, you should also try, if possible, to clean in between as well. Sometimes, just taking 15 minutes to disinfect each surface that tends to be touched quite a lot will make a great difference. Plan those 15 minutes in your schedule and you’re good to go!

Don’t let things pile up

Finally, as we are all spending more time inside our homes rather than out in the world, we are bound to create messes more often and in greater sizes. Instead of letting it

pile up and get to the point that you just want to avoid the task altogether, get it done right away and you will enjoy a consistently clean house during COVID-19.

This being said, during COVID-19, it can be very discouraging to constantly face a mess in your house. As the kids are around all the time and as both partners are at home trying to establish a work-private life balance, having to clean after people may feel like that’s all you are doing. Instead of feeling like your days are now primarily spent cleaning, why not hire a team to come and do it for you? That’s the kind of peace of mind that some of us simply need during those tough times. Visit our web page at the various types of cleaning Maid Solution offers– you are bound to find something that fits your needs! Call us for a free estimate.

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