How to keep the inside of your mask smelling nice

Wearing face mask in public became a part of our new normal during this current COVID-19 pandemic. We must find ways to make it more bearable to walk around with a face covering. Brands are making fancy masks that looked more like accessories than medical supplies, and the internet has hundreds of ideas on how to make your own. We have managed to check the boxes for “style” and “comfort,” there is still one problem left to solve: What are we supposed to do about how bad it smells under there?

It is an easy problem to fix—all you need are a few drops of essential oil. Grab your favorite scent and apply a few drops onto the fabric and voila—you will be sniffing that all day instead of your own hot breath.

Giving your mask the essential oil treatment offers many more benefits than simply masking the scent of your bad breath. Drops of an essential oil on your mask can greatly affect your mood. Scent can powerfully affect our state of mind, and certainly these unprecedented days are causing everyone a lot of stress. Essential oils have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Eucalyptus has antibacterial properties and can be supportive in eliminating bacteria on the face.

One thing you can be sure of no matter what scent you choose; it will smell better than the scent of hot summer breath.

At Maid Solution we will try a eucalyptus scent.

We will also try Vicks Vapo Rub

Our teams while cleaning homes are following the CDC guidelines and must wear face masks so hopefully this will make it more pleasant and bearable.   Maid Solution has been cleaning homes in Alexandria, Virginia since 1993. We have experience of over 25 year in house cleaning.  Our professional cleaners are proud to continue bringing a safe,healthy and sparkling  house cleaning service.